Lululu Entertainment is a young Zurch based game studio, founded by three friends which met during their Game Design studies. They share a passion for quirky and funny games and like to draw inspirations from other mediums like comics and movies. Lululu is part of the Swiss Game Hub, a games incubator that brings together Zurich's small but tightly knit game dev community.


Tim, Leander and Aaron studied Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts together. During their studies, they already created various prototypes together and when they graduated in 2019, they decided to keep making games as a team.

Tim and Aaron joined the mentorship programme of the Swiss Game Hub and continued development of their local multiplayer boomerang fighting game prototype "Bamerang", which they released in 2021 for PC & Switch.

After Bamerang, Leander joined the team and the trio decided to build upon the prototype for "Henry" as their next game. Over the course of 2021 and 2022, they developed a vertical slice and towards the end of 2022, they incorporated their company Lululu Entertainment.

In spring of 2023, they officially announced "Henry Halfhead" as their upcoming title.

With the support of local grants, the Swiss Game Hub and a co-publishing partnership with popagenda, they are now continuing development for "Henry Halfhead".



Henry Halfhead: Reveal TrailerYouTube

Bamerang: Release TrailerYouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Tencent GWB Game Award — Bronze Winner" December, 2023, Twitter
  • "Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition 2023" June, 2023, Day of the Devs
  • "Wholesome Direct 2023 — Mini Featuring" June, 2023,
  • "Migros Kulturprozent — Story Lab Grant, Phase 1" April, 2023, Migros Kulturprozent
  • "ProHelvetia — Call For Projects, Production Grant for Henry Halfhead" November, 2022, SwissGames
  • "ProHelvetia — Call For Projects, Pre-Production Grant for Henry Halfhead" May, 2020, SwissGames
  • "ProHelvetia — Call For Projects, Pre-Production Grant for Bamerang" May, 2018, ProHelvetia

Selected Articles

  • What’s the ultimate video game fantasy? I’m guessing playing as a bald half-head that’s been separated from every body part is pretty low on the list, but after seeing the trailer for Henry Halfhead, you’ll probably change your mind.
    Kaan Serin, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • The whole demo is a joy. Sights, sounds, actions, all of them combine in a way that makes it impossible to avoid smiling.
    Jill Grodt, The Indie Informer
  • «Henry» is a single player platform adventure by LuLuLu Entertainment. The jury was struck by the game's unique art style, colour palette and character design. The game prototype also has a fresh mechanic and some excellent sound atmospheres.
    Pro Helvetia Jury, SwissGames
  • Bamerang has the best trailer of any game this year so far.
    Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
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Bämeräng and Henry started as student projects during our studies at ZHdK.