Lululu Entertainment is a small Zürich based game studio, consisting of Tim Bürge, Leander Schneeberger and Aaron Abt. Together, they finished their Game Design BA studies at the Zürich University of the Arts in 2019. After their studies, they started to work in game related fields and pursued their own personal game projects. During their studies, they created prototypes for the games "Bamerang" and "Henry", which have beend exhibited and showcased at various events. Tim and Aaron are currently finishing the development for "Bamerang" while Leander is starting the development of a vertical slice for "Henry", which Tim and Aaron will join soon.



Henry is a game prototype created by Leander Schneeberger and Tim Bürge in 2018 as part of an adventure game course at their studies. The project was chosen for various showcases and highlights. In 2020, together with Aaron Abt, they created a vertical slice for Henry, with the support of a pre-production grant from ProHelvetia. In 2021, after the release of Bamerang, they started developing on Henry more and in 2022 received a production grant by ProHelvetia, to support the further development of the game.


Created by Tim Bürge and Aaron Abt, the first prototype of "Bämeräng" won the SGDA Junior Swiss Game Award in 2016 and has been exhibited at various events and exhibitions. Encouraged by the positive feedback, they continued the development supported by a pre-production grant from Pro Helvetia in 2018. After their graduation in 2019, they decided to finish the development within a year of self funded part-time work. After a little bit more than a year, Bamerang launched April 22nd on the Nintendo Switch and Steam!



Henry Halfhead: Reveal TrailerYouTube

Bamerang: Release TrailerYouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "ProHelvetia - Call For Projects, Production Grant for Henry" November, 2022
  • "ProHelvetia - Call For Projects, Pre-Production Grant for Henry" May, 2020
  • "Winner of ProHelvetia Pre-Production Grant for Bamerang" May, 2018

Selected Articles

  • «Henry» is a single player platform adventure by LuLuLu Entertainment. The jury was struck by the game's unique art style, colour palette and character design. The game prototype also has a fresh mechanic and some excellent sound atmospheres.
    Pro Helvetia Jury, SwissGames
  • Bamerang has the best trailer of any game this year so far.
    Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
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ZHdK Game Design
Bämeräng and Henry started as student projects during our studies at ZHdK.