Meet Henry, merely half a head but with the peculiar abiltiy to possess and control any object within their reach. Discover every object's unique properties and abilities and cleverly combine them to progress through Henry's not-so-ordinary everyday life.


Tim Bürge, Aaron Abt and Leander Schneeberger met in 2016 during their Game Design studies at the Zurich University of the Arts. During their fourth semester, Tim and Leander created the first prototype for Henry Halfhead for an adventure games course. After their studies, Tim and Aaron continued on another student project, Bamerang, which they released in 2021 as Lululu Entertainment. After the release, the team decided to pick up the development of Henry Halfhead again.

Over the course of a year, the team revitalised the old prototype and refined its design and gameplay. Henry Halfhead has since been supported Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia, twice with grants and with a spot in the SwissGames delegation to GamesCom, as well as by the Swiss Game Hub with a workspace and invaluable coaching from experienced Swiss game professionals including Philomena Schwab, co-founder of Stray Fawn Studio.

Henry Halfhead is currently starting its production phase and we will be happy to post more of its progress over the course of the next year.


  • 150+ Playable Objects: Discover and play as over 150 objects, many of them with unique properties and abilities.
  • Become the Right Tools for the Job: Think outside the box to find alternative solutions to challenges and discover bonus content.
  • Life is a Playground: Expand the levels of Henry's life by unlocking new rooms and items, forming joyful playgrounds.
  • A Wholesome Story: Listen to the narrator who guides you through Herny's life and rewards your exploration with humorous insights into Henry's quirky character.
  • Local Co-op: Let a friend join the fun at any time thanks to the drop-in local co-op mode.
  • Mini-Games: Unlock and play a collection of fun mini-games.
  • Customize your Henry: All Henry can really wear are hats. Thankfully there are plenty of them for you to find and put on Henry's shiny bald head.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "ProHelvetia - Call For Projects, Production Grant for Henry Halfhead" November, 2022
  • "ProHelvetia - Call For Projects, Pre-Production Grant for Henry Halfhead" March, 2020

Selected Articles

  • «Henry Halfhead» is a single player platform adventure by LuLuLu Entertainment. The jury was struck by the game's unique art style, colour palette and character design. The game prototype also has a fresh mechanic and some excellent sound atmospheres.
    Pro Helvetia Jury, SwissGames
Lululu Entertainment
ZHdK Game Design
The prototype of Henry Halfhead was created during our studies at ZHdK.

About Lululu Entertainment

Lululu Entertainment is a small Zürich based game studio, consisting of Tim Bürge, Leander Schneeberger and Aaron Abt. Together, they finished their Game Design BA studies at the Zürich University of the Arts in 2019. After their studies, they started to work in game related fields and pursued their own personal game projects. During their studies, they created prototypes for the games "Bamerang" and "Henry", which have beend exhibited and showcased at various events. Tim and Aaron are currently finishing the development for "Bamerang" while Leander is starting the development of a vertical slice for "Henry", which Tim and Aaron will join soon.
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