Meet Henry, merely half a head but with the peculiar ability to possess and control any object within their reach. Discover every object's unique properties and abilities and cleverly combine them to progress through Henry's not-so-ordinary everyday life.


In a module during their Game Design studies, the members of Lululu were tasked to create a character with superpowers and a disadvantage. The result: A cute little character that is only half-a-head, but has the ability to transform into objects and goes by the name Henry!

After graduating, part of the team finished and released “Bamerang” on PC and Switch. In 2021, Lululu continued working on Henry Halfhead, redefining the concept, visual design and gameplay. Since then, the game has been supported by multiple cultural grants and is part of a mentorship program at the Swiss Game Hub.

Henry Halfhead is currently in production and we're excited to share more about it in the future!


  • 150+ Playable Objects: Discover and play as over 150 objects, many of them with unique properties and abilities.
  • Become the Right Tools for the Job: Think outside the box to find alternative solutions to challenges and discover bonus content.
  • Life is a Playground: Expand the levels of Henry's life by unlocking new rooms and items, forming joyful playgrounds.
  • A Wholesome Story: Listen to the narrator who guides you through Herny's life and rewards your exploration with humorous insights into Henry's quirky character.
  • Local Co-op: Let a friend join the fun at any time thanks to the drop-in local co-op mode.
  • Mini-Games: Unlock and play a collection of fun mini-games.
  • Customize your Henry: All Henry can really wear are hats. Thankfully there are plenty of them for you to find and put on Henry's shiny bald head.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Tencent GWB Game Award — Bronze Winner" December, 2023, Twitter
  • "Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition 2023" June, 2023, Day of the Devs
  • "Wholesome Direct 2023 — Mini Featuring" June, 2023,
  • "Migros Kulturprozent — Story Lab Grant, Level 1" April, 2023, Migros Kulturprozent
  • "ProHelvetia — Call For Projects, Production Grant for Henry Halfhead" November, 2022, SwissGames
  • "ProHelvetia — Call For Projects, Pre-Production Grant for Henry Halfhead" March, 2020, SwissGames

Selected Articles

  • What’s the ultimate video game fantasy? I’m guessing playing as a bald half-head that’s been separated from every body part is pretty low on the list, but after seeing the trailer for Henry Halfhead, you’ll probably change your mind.
    Kaan Serin, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • The whole demo is a joy. Sights, sounds, actions, all of them combine in a way that makes it impossible to avoid smiling.
    Jill Grodt, The Indie Informer
  • «Henry Halfhead» is a single player platform adventure by LuLuLu Entertainment. The jury was struck by the game's unique art style, colour palette and character design. The game prototype also has a fresh mechanic and some excellent sound atmospheres.
    Pro Helvetia Jury, SwissGames
Lululu Entertainment
ZHdK Game Design
The prototype of Henry Halfhead was created during our studies at ZHdK.

About Lululu Entertainment

Lululu Entertainment is a young Zurch based game studio, founded by three friends which met during their Game Design studies. They share a passion for quirky and funny games and like to draw inspirations from other mediums like comics and movies. Lululu is part of the Swiss Game Hub, a games incubator that brings together Zurich's small but tightly knit game dev community.
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