Bamerang is a fast paced boomerang fighting game for 2 to 4 players. Master the curved trajectory of the boomerangs to hit your opponents behind obstacles and throw them off the platform. Fight your friends in intense 1v1 duels, strategic team-battles or frantic free-for-all brawls. All on over 20 different map variations. Enjoy the vibrant pixel art, while vibing to a joyfully bouncy soundtrack.


Tim Bürge and Aaron Abt met in 2016 during their Game Design studies at the Zurich University of the Arts. Their very first module led to the creation of the prototype for Bamerang on which they would continue to work on and off for the next three years of their studies.

Bamerang won the SGDA Junior Game Award in 2017 and was showcased at various international events (Gamescom, A MAZE, FMX, Ludicious, EyeMyth and more). Tim and Aaron formed their collective “Lululu Entertainment'' (inspired by the “lululu” sounds the first few testers made whileplaying Bamerang) and continued the development of the prototype with the help of a grant from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in 2018.

After their graduation in 2019, they were eager to finish the development of Bamerang and set the goal to release their debut game on Nintendo Switch and Steam. They had the chance to be part of the mentorship program at the Swiss Game Hub and could benefit from invaluable coaching from experienced Swiss game professionals including Philomena Schwab, co-founder of Stray Fawn Studio.

Composer and sound designer Lucien Guy Montandon joined the project in late 2019. After a few months of fruitful collaboration the game not only received a wonderful soundtrack, but also a fitting SFX overhaul.

More than 4.5 years after Tim and Aaron created their first prototype, everything was in place and Bamerang launched April 22nd on Nintendo Switch and Steam! With it's newest addition, Leander Schneeberger, Lululu Entertainment is already working on a new, unannounced game.


  • 2 - 4 players
  • Team mode or free for all mayhem
  • Over 20 map variations
  • Exciting dynamic scoring system
  • Vibrant pixel art, animated frame by frame
  • Joyful, bouncy soundtrack


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of a Pro Helvetia game Grant" Zürich, November 2018,
  • "Winner of the SGDA Junior Game Award 2016" Zürich, November 2016,
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About Lululu Entertainment

Lululu Entertainment is a young Zurch based game studio, founded by three friends which met during their Game Design studies. They share a passion for quirky and funny games and like to draw inspirations from other mediums like comics and movies. Lululu is part of the Swiss Game Hub, a games incubator that brings together Zurich's small but tightly knit game dev community.
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